Verbio: Words in Motion

Communicate effectively with your customers, employees, supply chain, and the world. Verbio helps businesses and government reach their customers across languages and across media. We’re committed to providing the premium cultural consulting that helps you succeed in your global communications efforts. Your ideas should resonate with your audience. Verbio fulfills your multicultural communications needs for marketing materials, audio video recordings, websites, eLearning modules, conversations and more.


Verbio’s Story

The groundwork for Verbio was laid in 1996 by a promising, young entrepreneur and polyglot, Virginia Joplin. She grew up surrounded by computers her father built in a Silicon Valley garage and immersed in diverse jobs for Silicon Valley executives and technology companies starting at age 11. Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish plus specialized credentials from France, Costa Rica, and Spain. Even before graduating from college in 1997, Virginia was gaining experience as an in-house translator and localization consultant, all the while freelancing for large companies across four continents.

In 2001, she left her corporate job as a localization manager to dedicate herself to building a translation and Web localization company, Canvas Dreams LLC, in partnership with a Web Developer. In 2006, the two owners decided to gradually separate the translation/localization service line from Web development/hosting services ¬– giving rise to a new brand and a distinct company: Oregon Translation. (Virginia continued to personally manage human resources, finance, legal, and other back-office functions for Canvas Dreams until 2012.) Virginia maintained exclusive ownership and management over Oregon Translation through all stages of its business growth.

In 2010, Oregon Translation began to hire employees and expand our core competencies from translation and web localization to also encompass audio video recording, mobile app and eLearning localization, plus spoken or signed interpreting. In 2015, Oregon Translation began re-branding as Verbio to better represent our expanding geographic horizons and more effectively promote additional services beyond written translations.

Today, Verbio’s talented in-house team — with our multi-faceted array of skills, foreign languages, and project management experience — put a broad range of services at your fingertips and savings in your pocket.

Verbio’s credentialed Translators and Interpreters write and speak 200 languages. Technical project managers and engineers trained in Silicon Valley and the Silicon Forest joined Verbio’s talented team. Verbio built our own recording studio and added talented sound engineers and voice actors. Each team member contributes a multi-faceted array of skills and solid experience, thereby enabling us to fulfill a broad range of services for our clients under streamlined and cost-effective conditions. Working together, Verbio is poised to make you a world leader also.