Professional Interpreters
The Power of Real-Time Communication

InterpreterYou need to convey your spoken message accurately during business meetings, conferences, and employee trainings. Verbio’s experienced, certified interpreters provide premium language support for your conversations in any language. Words “lost in translation” during business negotiations can cost you the whole deal. When users or employees don’t receive training in a language they understand well, they may fail to follow important safety instructions leading to costly damage or injury. A professional interpreter receives training in ethics, confidentiality, and special terminology in two or more languages.

Verbio’s On-site interpreter comes to you

Certified Interpreters make business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and legal proceedings proceed more efficiently and with better accuracy. Many of Verbio’s interpreters have completed, or are presently enrolled in the rigorous training to become Certified Court Interpreters or Certified Medical Interpreters.

Conference Interpreters serve the international audience at your next big event.  Simultaneous interpretation keeps your meeting on schedule and on topic. These interpreters are suited to training sessions, conventions, factory tours, and other larger events. Specialty equipment rental is also available (interpreter booths, wireless headsets, etc.), so your audience can listen discretely in their own languages.

Verbio’s Telephone Interpreters are available 24/7 – 365

Telephone Interpreters help you speak with your business associates in real time. Verbio jokingly calls this your “Dial-a-Friend” hotline. Stop using Google Translate to support phone calls. Our telephone interpreters are mere seconds away, ready to support your confidential calls in 200 spoken languages. Video remote interpreters are now available for American Sign Language; spoken languages will be available in Q3 of 2017.

The professional advantages: ethics, confidentiality, presentation skills, industry knowledge, efficiency, and cross-cultural communications.

Ensure that your audience really hears what you want to say. Let’s plan your next event or your private call center account.


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