Localization Engineering

Localization Engineering
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If your project involves a user interface (buttons, menus, icons etc…) that must be translated, you’re most likely going to need some degree of Localization Engineering.

Mobile apps, web apps, eLearning modules, games, software, and websites all have programming codes that make them work. The programming codes must be engineered properly to work with the languages you need. The process of making that happen is called, Localization Engineering.

Localization Engineering helps you avoid common pitfalls, like buttons that aren’t the right size for translated text, text strings that don’t make sense when reused in different contexts, and problems with text that reads right to left, or even both directions.

These and many other tricky issues can mean the difference between gaining access to new markets and losing potential customers who can’t make sense of your message or even properly use your products and services.

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We were originally attracted to Verbio’s commitment to green practices. Now, we have been won over by Verbio’s extremely
high quality language work and the team’s flexibility in accommodating to our expanding language needs and requirements.
We have been extremely impressed by this team’s versatility and professionalism in regard to translation, audiovisual work,
and software localization. They exceeded our expectations for target delivery deadlines!!

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