Transcription and Translication

Transcription and Translication
Spoken Words Textified

TranscriptionAccurate, fast, and professional transcription in any language, from any source. Whether you’re starting with an English recording that you just need a transcript for, or if you have a foreign language video that you need to understand, transcription is a valuable tool for multimedia projects. We offer a variety of options:

Verbatim – Every utterance is captured including “um”, “uh”, and non-verbal elements such as [laughs].

Smooth Verbatim – We adhere to your specific instructions of what should and shouldn’t be captured.

Content – Grammar, slang, false starts, and verbal tics are all corrected to deliver a clean transcription.

Summary – Useful if you have a lot of source audio and just need a rough idea of what is said.

Time coding – Precise time-codes can be provided for every spoken phrase.

Multilingual Transcription

Most companies are simply not equipped to offer foreign language transcription. We can provide accurate transcriptions to you for any audio or video source in any language. We can even transcribe hand-written or faxed text.

Transcription + Translation = Translication

TranslicationWhen you need audio from one language transcribed directly into another language we call it Translication. Translication skips the costly and time-consuming steps of first transcribing, then translating text. A bilingual Transcriptionist can do the work in a single-step much like an interpreter.


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During the last five years or so, I have repeatedly used Verbio to translate employee surveys into Spanish, Russian and Traditional Chinese for our 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon, a critical project at our company. Verbio consistently provides attentive service, clear communications and professionally translated files on time and properly formatted. As a locally based small company, they provide a personable, highly responsive customer experience and their rates have been quite reasonable. I’d definitely recommend their services to other companies in need of translation.

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