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Founded in 1996, Verbio is a full-service consulting group that creates and executes multicultural marketingmultilingual communications, and international trade consulting to help you succeed in reaching your customers across 250 languages, across media, and across diverse, global audiences. Verbio offers you the words that resonate with diverse groups (migrants, minority cultures, visually or hearing impaired, etc.) within your own community, plus international trade partners around the world. Whether your customer is the immigrant family down the street or a corporate buyer halfway around the world, Verbio gives you the right words in the right language.

Our People

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Verbio has offices in Oregon, Washington State, Mexico, France, and now in Spain, so we thoroughly understand the complexities of time zones and cultural barriers.


Our team is comprised of native-speakers of over 250 languages, who are experts in your industry or subject matter. We are translators, voice talent, graphic designers, interpreters, cultural consultants, and localization experts from around the world. We own a custom recording studio, run by sound engineers who direct our multilingual voice actors and record, edit, subtitle, and master your new audio or video project. In addition, our talented multicultural in-house team offers an array of technical and production skills, international trade expertise, and project management experience. We also take data protection laws and export controls seriously. All staff receives careful training on HIPAA, GDPR, ITAR, EAR, and other regulations to protect the integrity of your personal information and business secrets.


Why choose Verbio for your multicultural and multilingual projects?

Certifications and Compliance

  • Certified Quality Management System under ISO 17100 for Translation Services
  • Sworn translators for France and Spain
  • Oregon Notary Public on staff
  • Federally certified DBE
  • Oregon-certified WBE, ESB, and DBE
  • Washington-certified WBE
  • Oregon Benefit Company (BLLC)
  • Green-certified by Green America
Export Council of Oregon
American Translators Association
The Association of Language Companies
Green America Approved Business
French American Chamber of Commerce Pacific Northwest
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