Translation for Apparel & Outdoor Gear

Translation for Apparel & Outdoor Gear

Industry-Specific Translation

Outdoor gear is a global industry

To produce, market and sell to global consumers of apparel and outdoor gear, translation and localization is essential. Labeling regulations require variable translations of content labels and care instructions, including certain mandatory wording and symbols. Manufacturers depend on interpreters for effective on-site training. Retailers need translated merchandising instructions. Your multinational sales regions demand multilingual shared reports to drive improved sales and greater profitability.

Your Challenge:

  • Researching your target market
  • Consistent marketing messages across your global markets
  • Confidentially communicate about intellectual property
  • Labeling compliance
  • Training a global sales force using live interpreters or multilingual eLearning modules
  • Communicate merchandising instructions and new product features to international distributors and retailers

Verbio is your solution:

  • Experienced human translators for 200 languages
  • Provide cultural consulting and marketing advice for international sales
  • Interpreters for contract negotiations with distributors or retailers
  • Culturally adapt labels and packaging
  • Translate story cards, hang tags, instructions, merchandising manuals
  • Localize your website and catalog to sell your products
  • Train your global salesforce in their own language: in-person or eLearning modules
  • 15 years experience supporting apparel and outdoor gear manufacturers

Client brands:

Bauer Logo
Columbia Sportswear
Pendleton Woolen Mills