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Audio Recording and Engineering

The voices you use for your projects should elevate your production regardless of the language. Verbio is your partner for professional audio production in any language. Our decades of experience with broadcast-quality audio means your foreign language productions will sound just as great as your English versions.

“…outstanding service. They have translated scripts, subtitled videos and provided synchronized foreign recordings for marketing videos, adapted complex motion graphics animations… the staff are extremely professional and highly knowledgeable.”
CMD Agency

Voice over and dubbing are great ways to make your content available to audiences in different languages. We work with everything from radio spots, marketing videos, training videos, to full documentary films. In 2018, we worked with OPB to provide Chinese voice over and dubbing for their Emmy Award winning documentary, “Massacre at Hells Canyon”.

MASSACRE at Hells Canyon

Check out the video here.


We make things easy for you by offering you 1-stop shopping of a full line of audio services for any language including:



Voice Over Microphone

Voice Over



Background Music

Background Music

Post Production




Verbio translates your script specifically for voice-over, ensuring that a voice actor won’t run out of breath. Our large database of professional voice actors includes native speakers of your target language, and our multilingual sound engineers record, edit, and master your new audio. Our on-site studio is equipped with a custom-built sound isolation booth and the highest quality voice-over microphones in the industry.

Whether your project is in English or any other language, we can help you throughout the production process and easily integrate with your normal production workflow. Our multi-lingual production team can sit side-by-side with your own production team if necessary or we can edit at our own studio – whatever you need, we’re here for you.


  • In-house studio equipped with sound isolation booth
  • Shure SM7B microphones, Focusrite preamps
  • Adobe Audition DAW, iZotope Production Suite
  • Multi-lingual production team with decades of experience
  • Broadcast-quality production in hundreds of languages
  • Project management for all projects
  • Optional on-site production and editing assistance


Multilingual Audio Recording & Engineering

Voice-over, dubbing, radio, youtube, voice prompts, on-hold messaging… we can record broadcast-ready quality with voice talent in over one hundred languages.

Video & Motion Graphics

Video one stop shopping: Subtitling, open and closed captioning, on-screen text and lower third editing, on-site language consulting, and motion graphics.


Transcription of any audio or video source with options to provide time-codes and even
translate audio from one language to another.