Translation for Aviation & Defense Manufacturers

Translation for Aviation & Defense Manufacturers

Industry-Specific Translation

Technical Communications + Export Compliance

Aviation, aerospace, and manufacturing for the defense industry require a high level of technical and linguistic accuracy for all global communications. Verbio offers secure, multicultural services tailored to the activities surrounding the aerospace and aircraft industry. Aviation is an industry that encompasses complex relationships with flight management, manufacturing, training and regulations, and we fully support your efforts in the air and on the ground.

International Trade Compliance (notably with ITAR and EAR) requires you to maintain control of technical information and trade secrets. It is critically important that translators working with your sensitive data are approved by the U.S. State Department. Holding a federal appointment to the District Export Council of Oregon & SW Washington, Verbio is well versed on international trade regulations and ensures secure data management and carefully screened language professionals.

Secure Translation Workflow Process

Your compliance challenge:

  • Certified and specialized translators
  • Translation of technical manuals, safety instructions, specifications, and logbooks
  • E-learning and training for foreign customers
  • Comprehension and clarity of industry jargon
  • Assurances that your confidential data will remain protected at all stages

Verbio is your solution:

  • Specialists in aviation and defense industries
  • Knowledge of import and export regulations
  • Certified firm under ISO 17100: Translation Services
  • Native-speakers of 200 languages
  • ATA-certified translators and nationally certified interpreters
  • Professionals are U.S.-based and U.S. citizens
  • Secure data transfer and storage; not cloud-based IT