Client Testimonial

Verbio’s involvement significantly improved the quality and success of our meetings during the trade mission. At one point, Verbio’s interpreter quietly pulled Sightline’s executive aside to raise a concern that the customer’s interpreter was struggling to accurately describe the customer’s message. Verbio’s interpreter was able to deliver a more technical rendition of the subject matter to the benefit of all participants. By the middle of the week, we felt like Verbio’s interpreter knew our products and sales message almost as well as we do.

We have found Verbio to be easy to work with, professional in every way, and timely with their deliverables and advice.  The interpreter they provided, was excellent and of great value during our meetings on that trip. Though SightLine does have immediate plans for identifying our next agents, we know that partner companies like Verbio will be important for us to be effective in our international outreach.

— Mark Z, Director of Business Development at Sightline Applications



About the client: SightLine Applications is a leader in onboard video processing systems, which provide video functionality to dramatically improve advanced camera systems used for public safety, security surveillance, fire, and maritime observation. These camera systems are deployed on drones, manned aircraft, ground vehicles, and towers.

Service: Simultaneous Interpreting during sales negotiations in China

Language Pair: English to Mandarin

Description of customer’s need: Sightline took an important trip to the People’s Republic of China to meet prospective customers and needed an interpreter to facilitate communications.  This was a huge potential market and one where SightLine had sub-optimal results in supporting sales directly, thus it was a high priority goal to identify an in-country partner to develop a professional cultural fit. This cultural and linguistic respect would prove essential to a successful trade mission.


Solution: SightLine needed to provide technical materials in Chinese and needed a Mandarin interpreter to accompany them during negotiations with prospective business partners in two different areas of China. SightLine contracted Verbio three weeks before the trip. Verbio’s efficiently translated sales documents into Chinese (simplified script). Then Verbio arranged interpreter to escort SightLine’s staff throughout the trip to Shenzen and Beijing.

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Extra complexity: SightLine’s technology is subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations, meaning access to technical information is limited to US persons only unless SightLine were to submit clearance applications to the US State Department (a six-month process). Fortunately, Verbio knows export regulations well.  One of Verbio’s Mandarin interpreters is a US citizen and available to escort SightLine from Portland on their week-long trip.

Results: Having an interpreter was a critical facilitation, allowing meeting participants to communicate in detail about a technical product. SightLine was able to substantially advance their negotiations with both Chinese customers and potential agents based on clear written and spoken communications. Four full days of meetings were held in Shenzhen and Beijing during the trip where SightLine met with 8 prospective representatives and 8 prospective customers.  They subsequently continued working with and signed contract with an exclusive agent for Hong Kong and China, with the agreement finalized in early 2020.

Beyond the call of duty: Since the Mandarin interpreter had spent significant time in the Chinese city that Sightline was visiting, she was able to suggest local features, like restaurants and nearby conveniences. Verbio’s interpreter also helped one of the Sightline employee’s resolve a bureaucracy problem with a travel visa.

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