Certified Translation

Certified Translation

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Immigration and USCIS • Birth Certificates • Marriage Certificates • Death Certificates • Vital Records • School Transcripts • Diplomas • Bank Statements Legal Documents • Genealogy Research… and more.  We translate hundreds of personal documents each year.

Which languages do you translate?

We can translate ANY language into ANY other language. For a list of most of the languages we translate, tap or click here.

Can you provide a certified translation?

Yes! We offer certified translations that are notarized by a Notary Public to satisfy requirements of many employers, universities, and government agencies. Our Certificate of Accuracy is printed on company letterhead, identifies Verbio as a professional translation firm, attests that the translator is a professional translator for the stated language combination, and that the translation is a true and accurate rendering of the original document. This Translator’s Certificate of Accuracy is attached to a print-out of the translation on company letterhead and a copy of the original document you provided to us. This statement is signed by a company representative and a notary; optionally it is stamped  according to rules for certain jurisdictions. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to tell Verbio if you need a certificate of accuracy and the particular rules for the institution where you are submitting your documents. Our certified translations are commonly accepted by:

  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Passport applications or renewals from the U.S. State Department
  • Consulate of Spain (Verbio satisfies special credential requirements for traductores jurados)
  • Consulate of France (Verbio satisfies special credential requirements for traducteurs agréés)
  • Departments of Motor Vehicles
  • Doctor’s offices or health insurance companies for medical records
  • University admissions offices and Medical Boards, Nursing Boards, Board of Pharmacy, etc. (we translate your transcript, then refer you to a qualified firm that performs equivalency assessments, if needed)
  • Court rulings, such as judgments of divorce and child support orders
  • Financial records for banks or mortgage lenders

How do I get my original document(s) to you?

The best option is to upload a photo from a mobile phone, tablet or scanner and use our quote request form. Verbio does not require your original documents, just clear photos or scans or photocopies. However, some government agencies may require that our translation be attached to your original; please read their instructions carefully. When scanning or photographing your document, please use the high-quality setting to ensure we can read your documents. Also, some documents have raised stamps or seals or content on the back side of the page, please make sure we can see everything. We are only meeting customers by special appointment if you must drop off or pick up documents; please call to schedule this appointment.

Graphic DesignWill the translation look like my original document?

We make an effort to reasonably match your basic formatting whenever possible. We do know that it is important for us translate all stamps, signatures, and seals, insofar as these are legible on your original document. When documents involve a more advanced layout (complex tables, school transcripts), an additional formatting fee may apply.

What will I receive?

Verbio will provide your translation in each of these formats. If you would like multiple certified translations (for example, if you need to submit a medical record to multiple doctor’s offices), please let us know how many paper copies to print out as early as possible:

  • PDF file of the translation (emailed)
  • 1 paper set of the unsigned translation and copy of source document for your personal records
  • 1 paper set of the certified and notarized translation and copy of source document for official uses

How long will it take to translate my document(s)?

A typical project is completed within 2-4 business days. Verbio project managers generally meet the Notary on Tuesday or Thursday mornings to sign, notarize, and mail certified translations. Let us know if you need your translation sooner, so we can attempt to meet your deadline.

Can you mail the translation to me?

At present, we are mailing ALL certified translations, rather than meeting with customers in our offices. Our certification fee includes standard USPS postage (first class or priority mail). If you would like international shipping or overnight courier, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate and simply pass along any excess cost.

What are your hours?

Our offices are open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Pacific). We are answering phones, mail and e-mail during that time. We are only meeting customers by special appointment. If you must drop off or pick up documents; please call to schedule this appointment at our office in Beaverton, Oregon. Tap or click here for location and directions.

Can you help with my apostille?

Only an authorized government agency can issue apostilles, which authenticate or legalize a public instrument for use in a foreign country. Verbio can only provide a signed, sealed, and certified translation witnessed by an Oregon notary.

  • If you need an apostille to authenticate the TRANSLATOR’S CERTIFICATE OF ACCURACY, Verbio’s Certified Translations are notarized in Oregon, thus they need to be sent to the Corporation Division in Salem, Oregon. We can guide you through this easy process.
  • If you need an apostille to authenticate the ORIGINAL document, you must obtain that from the Secretary of State’s office in the state where this document originated. For example, if the vital record or legal document was issued by or notarized in New Hampshire, it must be sent to the Secretary of State in Concord, New Hampshire, to obtain an apostille.
  • Press here if you need an apostille from another US. State or from the federal government.
  • Press here if you need an apostille from another country.
  • Verbio’s team includes Sworn Translators approved by the Consulate of FRANCE and the Consulate of SPAIN. This means our translations are usually accepted for official purposes in France or Spain without an apostille.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell us the country to which you are submitting your translation. Different countries want Verbio to follow slightly different rules, credentials, or Certificates of Accuracy. We can help guide you through many common questions if you send us the specific instructions you were given for submitting your certified translation, but we are not your immigrations attorney. The government office or institution where you submit the translation should advise you regarding special needs for your case.