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International trade means developing a relevant intercultural communications strategy. Communicating effectively requires a deep understanding of each country’s cultural filters and subtleties. Growing your business internationally relies on cultural consulting for creating effective strategies, insights, ideas, and perspectives.

Many of us experience a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, or anxiety when doing business in a society that is different from our own. That is what we refer to as Culture Shock. We understand that culture shock can arise from different motives, unfamiliarity with local customs, language, and/or what is or not acceptable behavior. Social norms can fluctuate significantly across countries and regions.

We at Verbio understand that the inability to communicate efficiently —to interpret what others mean and to make oneself understood—is usually the prime source of frustration and we are here to help.

Culture shock can be daunting for those who attempt business abroad; companies need to navigate with respect and sensitivity among diverse markets. Verbio’s extensive experience with global cultures, international trade, and regional diversity promotes successful communication with your target audience.

Cultural consulting encompasses internal and external communications. Efficiently train your diverse workforce. Reach global markets with messaging that resonates with cultural agility and intelligence. Collaborative communication should direct the company’s international growth strategies to successfully reach individuals and markets.

Market Research

  • Targeted cultural assessments and focus groups
  • Align domestic brand with in-country values
  • Cultural integration analysis
  • International sales intelligence and resources

Cultural Consulting

  • Relevant & effective intercultural communication
  • Cross-cultural competency & relevancy
  • Cultural agility and harmonization
  • Labeling and product packaging that resonates

International Trade

  • Language access regulations: domestic and foreign
  • Data Privacy: GDPR and 100 more regulations
  • Export compliance regulations: ITAR, EAR, etc.
Cultural Consulting
Trade Consulting

International Trade Consulting

International regulatory compliance for Import and export, ITAR/EAR, international labeling requirements and globalization preparation.


Cultural Consulting

We directly assist you in Research, Strategy, implementation and Feedback for your project, plan, program or campaign to help you reach your cultural, language or diversity goals.
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¿Who Are Hispanic Millennials?
Hispanic or Latino Millennials are a unique bridge spanning two cultures. This group of Latin American descent makes up a large percent of American millenials and their numbers are growing faster than any other group. How do you reach them? It’s not just the language, it’s the message, the music, the visuals and the style. Reaching young Latinos requires authenticity and a unique approach.