A Sustainable Journey Begins Here

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Verbio is committed to integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to create a sustainable and impactful business that contributes positively to our global community.​

3 Pillars of ESG

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Verbio (a division of Oregon Translation, LLC) implements the following efforts in its day-to-day operations to make this world a better place. These are inherent practices our company has consistently employed, since we strongly believe in protecting our environment and supporting diversity and inclusion in our multicultural communities


Dive deeper into Verbio’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Commitment

Verbio firmly believes in the convergence of profitability, social justice, economic reform, and environmental sustainability. To this end, we have proactively integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into every facet of our operations. Our relentless pursuit involves fostering a planet-friendly environment, nurturing well-being within communities, and cultivating ethical profitability.

Certifications and Recognition:

We proudly hold certifications that validate our dedication to ESG. Green America and the Green Business Network awarded us the Green America Seal of Approval in 2011, endorsing our sustainability endeavors. The City of Portland recognized our commitment with the Sustainability at Work Gold Certification from 2013-2019. These accolades motivate us to excel further.

ESG Policy: A Formal Commitment:

Our ESG Policy, previously known as Verbio’s Green Policy, encapsulates our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance. This policy guides our business practices, underpinning every decision and action we take.


Principles and Strategy:
Our ESG integration is strategic, designed to enrich our business and the world at large. We foster innovation, deepen relationships, and contribute to international trade growth while supporting a sustainable lifestyle. Our approach educates customers about language nuances and cultural diversity, facilitating better understanding and interactions across various groups.

Environmental Stewardship: Our Sustainability Practices:

Embracing a “take what you need” philosophy, we transitioned to remote work between 2020-2022, substantially reducing our carbon footprint. Our office’s strategic location near public transportation options further minimizes environmental impact. Verbio’s websites are hosted by Viridio.net, a solar-powered data center, embodying our commitment to sustainable choices.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle:

Verbio’s sustainability efforts extend to our office practices. We drastically reduced printing, shifted to reusable notebooks, and printed marketing materials in smaller quantities. We embrace e-cycling, responsibly disposing of electronic components and printer cartridges. Our commitment to reuse and recycle underscores our dedication to eco-conscious choices.

Social Responsibility:

Verbio champions social responsibility by supporting minority and women-owned businesses. As a COBID-certified enterprise, we prioritize inclusivity and equitable partnerships. Our vendors are selected based on their commitment to the Triple Bottom Line, reflecting our belief that responsible business practices benefit all stakeholders.

Governance & Ethics:

Our commitment to ethics is unwavering. Verbio operates in accordance with the highest moral standards, aligning with industry codes of ethics. We value fair treatment, open communication, and the protection of human dignity. Our certifications, including ISO standards, testify to our dedication to ethical conduct.

Past, Present, and Future Goals:

Verbio’s journey towards sustainability is ongoing. Each year, we set and achieve new goals. Our actions include paperless operations, electronic payments, and increased accessibility of information. By partnering with the community and integrating ESG values, we aspire to create a positive impact that resonates far beyond our organization.

Pay It ForwardPay it forward

We belong to the Green Business Network and Green America to support other companies employing sustainable business practices. We mentor other woman-owned and minority owned businesses through our involvement with American Translators Association, Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, District Export Council of Oregon & SW Washington, and others.

Not only do we provide critical services to green companies and social benefit organizations, we offer them discounted rates, trade in-kind, and/or collaborative partnerships that extend the value of their dollar. Social benefit organizations and green companies we love to work with include: United Way, Seeding Justice, Xerces Foundation, Oregon Food Bank, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Tualatin Riverkeepers.