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Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Expanding from a regional or national marketplace to an international one requires a clear and compelling message in any language or culture. The food and beverage industry are highly sensitive to competitive market conditions, requiring strength in both product management and messaging. Verbio supports your full cultural communication lifecycle — including cultural adaptation of product packaging, translation of training manuals or videos, website localization, and culturally appropriate marketing campaigns — so you can reach your global markets. Common Sense Advisory (CSA) offers insight and reporting for all global market leaders. CSA analyzed the correlation between language and consumer behavior, polling 3,002 consumers in 10 countries. Their report “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy,” notes that consumers are 75% more likely to purchase a product if accompanying materials are written in their own language.

Challenges the Food and Beverage Industry faces:

  • Consistent marketing messages across your global markets
  • Researching and conforming to labeling laws in new countries
  • Gaining approvals from regulatory authorities overseeing food, beverages, and supplements
  • Designing culturally attractive product packaging in multiple languages
  • Training a global sales force in many languages
  • Communicate merchandising instructions and new product features to international distributors and retailers

Verbio is your solution:

  • Provide cultural consulting and develop marketing campaigns for new international markets
  • Adapt labels and product packaging to conform the legal and linguistic requirements
  • Localize your website and catalog to sell your products in multiple languages
  • Experienced human translators for 250 languages
  • Interpreters for contract negotiations with distributors or retailers 

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