Formatting and Graphic Design

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Formatting and Graphic Design take many shapes for both print and web all over the world. Graphic designers spend a great deal of time formatting documents to look just right in English. We take the time to make sure your translated content looks just as good in any language. Regardless of how complex or dynamic your layout is, you can be sure your final delivery is ready for your target audience.

Formatting and Graphic Design

Our multilingual Formatting and Graphic Design specialists have decades of experience working with all of the industry-standard formatting tools. We understand the rules for line breaks, hyphenation, and the natural flow of text in foreign languages. We can also edit images that contain translated text. We can work directly in your native source files so your documents are ready for print.

The core of this service relies on intimate familiarity with visual design skills and foreign glyphs to create a visually appealing translation. Verbio primarily uses Microsoft Office tools and Adobe Creative Suite to help recreate the design of your documentation after it has been formatted. Our graphic designers have deep and broad experience with Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Articulate Storyline, Canva, and other industry-standard software tools. We have even been known to design custom artwork for our customers from the ground up. Additionally, we have experience with many programming formats: XML, DITA, JSON, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, ASP, PO, CVS, XML etc.

We work hard to make your newly translated documents have the same visual impact as your originals — in any language using industry standard Formatting and Graphic Design tools.

typographyOur graphic design team can work in all industry-standard design software, including: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, and many more tools.

If you no longer have the original source files for your documents, we can recreate them in the software of your choice.

Verbio can help you make your document more culturally authentic with custom graphics upon request.

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