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We consume energy wisely.
We partner with and give to other Green Companies or Social Benefit Organizations.
We reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Ride the bus or telecommute with us.

Verbio (a division of Oregon Translation, LLC) implements the following efforts in its day-to-day operations to make this world a better place. These are inherent practices our company has consistently employed, since we strongly believe in protecting our environment and supporting diversity and inclusion in our multicultural communities.

Read more in Verbio’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Verbio is proud to be recognized as the
#1 Most Diverse Company in Oregon 

by the Portland Business Journal.

Green Certified by Green America 

Green America Approved BusinessVerbio strongly believes that profitability, social justice, economic reform, and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. It is for this reason that we have implemented a proactive approach to the social, economic, and environmental factors that exist in our world today. We constantly look for ways to implement processes in our day-to-day operations that contribute to a healthy planet, happy people, and honest profitability.

Verbio has consistently maintained Certification with Green America since January 2011 when we were awarded the Green America Seal of Approval. Verbio elected to join Green America due to prior experience we had working with that organization via an affiliate company. This was followed by the City of Portland awarding us their Sustainability at Work Gold Certification in 2013 and again in 2016. These certifications and the corresponding annual audits of our green behaviors help reinforce our efforts and spur us on to greater achievements.

In 2014, Verbio sought designation as an Oregon Benefit Company to make our commitment to the principles of social and environmental responsibility visible to the community. We firmly believe that aligning our values with our profitability is a fiscally responsible action that benefits our employees, the local community and by extension the world.

Energy usage

We do not like to waste energy; it is common to find us using natural daylight from the windows rather than overhead fluorescent lighting. Our computer monitors automatically go to sleep every 10 minutes. We also turn off lights, computers, and printers overnight. Small kitchen appliances remain unplugged until needed. . Heating and cooling system is turned off on the weekends, when humans are not commonly occupying the offices, so as to further reduce the unneeded use of energy. Verbio’s website is hosted by, which owns and operates a purely solar-powered data center.

Sustainability At Work

The sun is dependable and nobody is waging wars over it so that was a conflict-free source of power that could power some of the service… I made a 100% solar hosting solution in 2002 and then continually added more and more improvements and efficient technologies to improve performance, energy efficiency, security, and reliability.

We voluntarily purchase Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets from Bonneville Environmental Fund to cover 100% of our electric use and employees’ commuter miles.

Our Green-e Energy Certified RECs represent renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or biogas projects where clean energy has been delivered to the North American power grid to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel-based electricity. One REC represents the non-power environmental attributes of 1,000 kilowatt-hours (1 megawatt hour) of renewable energy. – Bonneville Environmental Fund

We do not like to waste energy; our computer monitors automatically go to sleep every 10 minutes. We also turn off all lights, computers, and printers overnight.

Circular LeafA little goes a long way

Verbio primarily delivers its work products and invoices via electronic means.  We have also taken major strides to minimize printing within our office.  These initiatives include double-sided printing, only printing necessary documents – typically only documents required by government. These steps reduce our consumption of paper and toner, and extend the longevity of our printers. We apply a mentality of printing marketing materials only in the smaller quantities that we actually need and will readily use, so that we don’t have to discard excess documents when we update our message or design. Data and file backups are stored on electronic media, drastically minimizing storage space requirements (climate-controlled space, file cabinets, etc.).

Verbio buys Energy Star or EPEAT certified electronics when such choices are available. Verbio selected a secure data center where the building’s HVAC system siphons hot air away from the building’s plethora of computer data rooms to heat human-inhabited office spaces.

Reuse: When we relocated our office, Verbio reached out to City of Beaverton to learn about recycling options for this area and to obtain recycling posters and bins. Most of our office furniture was gently-used and re-purposed to create a welcoming and functional setting. Our in-house recording studio employs re-purposed equipment and sound-isolating foam. We purchase used dictionaries and reference materials from the local and independent Powell’s City of Books.  To the extent possible, consumable office supplies contain 80% or more post-consumer recycled content, including paper, printer cartridges, notepads, the paper used for our marketing materials, and more. We use durable dishware, glasses, cutlery and towels in our breakroom.

Recycle: Paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass and metals are recycled. Furthermore, we have a special container to collect and recycle ALL plastics, including plastic film and bags plus broken plastic parts. Styrofoam and packing peanuts are contributed to a local postal facility, where they are re-used.

E-cycle: When electronics components and printer cartridges reach the end of their usable life, we take them to Green Century Electronics Recycling or Free Geek. These facilities refurbish and resell components like power cables and toner cartridges, then properly disposes of the limited non-reusable components. We extend the option to employees and vendors to bring their e-cyclables to our office in an annual recycling drive.


Pay It ForwardPay it forward

We belong to the Green Business Network and Green America to support other companies employing sustainable business practices. We mentor other woman-owned and minority owned businesses through our involvement with American Translators Association, Oregon Association of Minority EntrepreneursThe MOB Nation, and others.

Not only do we provide critical services to green companies and social benefit organizations, we offer them discounted rates, trade in-kind, and/or collaborative partnerships that extend the value of their dollar. Social benefit organizations and green companies we love to work with include: United Way, Public Health International, Mercy Corps, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon Food Bank, Growing Gardens, Deep Green Films, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Clean Water Services.

Transportation TelecommutingTransportation & Telecommuting

In 2017, Verbio relocated our office to shorten employees’ commute distance and duration by 80% overall. A major criteria in our office selection process was a location near public transportation to encourage staff and visitors to ride light-rail. Staff and visitors are encouraged to arrive at our office using alternative transportation. Employees are offered subsidies for carpooling and/or using public transportation. Covered bike racks are available.

Verbio employs distributed telecommunications systems that enable and encourage employees to telecommute. We can be reached seamlessly by email or phone, even when we are not physically in the office.

For our visitors:
If you wish to visit us we invite you to arrive in stress-free style on the MAX, bus, or WES. TriMet’s Map Trip Planner makes it easy to plan trips that combine transit and biking. Need to plan your trip to our office? Go by bus, train or bike (or all three).

Our location:
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