Green Policy & Sustainability

Trees Green

Green like the Pacific Northwest

Verbio (a division of Oregon Translation, LLC) implements the following efforts in its day-to-day operations to make this world a better place. These are inherent practices our company has consistently employed, since we strongly believe in protecting our environment. 2016-Oregon-Translation-Verbio-Green-Policy


Green Certified

Green America certified our efforts in January 2011 by granting us the Green America Seal of Approval. We’re also proud to have received the prestigious Gold rating for Sustainability at Work from the City of Portland, Oregon. Keep Portland Green!

Energy usage

Verbio’s website is hosted by, which owns and operates a purely solar-powered data center.

Green America Approved Business

Sustainability At Work

We voluntarily purchase Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets from Bonneville Environmental Fund to cover 100% of our electric use and employees’ commuter miles.

We do not like to waste energy; our computer monitors automatically go to sleep every 10 minutes. We also turn off all lights, computers, and printers overnight.


Pay It ForwardPay it forward

We belong to the Green Business Network and Green America to support other companies employing sustainable business practices.

Magpie Messengers is a bike-based service that we use for area deliveries. We also walk to meetings and to make deliveries within Portland’s downtown core.

Cooperative partnerships provide services to green companies, such as: Fisker Automotive, Klean Kanteen, Growing Gardens, Deep Green Films, Zenger Farms, and Clean Water Services.

Cooperative partnerships to provide services to pro-social organizations like United Way, Public Health International, Mercy Corps, and Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Circular LeafA little goes a long way

Reduce: Verbio primarily delivers its work products and invoices via electronic means. We have also taken major strides to minimize printing within our office. These steps reduce our consumption of paper and toner, and extend the longevity of our printers.

Data and file backups are stored on electronic media, drastically minimizing storage requirements (climate controlled space, file cabinets, etc.).

Reuse: We purchase used dictionaries and reference materials from the local Powell’s City of Books. Most of our office supplies were purchased used, and have 80% or more post consumer recycled content. Styrofoam and packing peanuts are contributed to a local postal facility, where they are re-used.

Recycle: Paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass and metals go into our combined recycling bins. Furthermore, we have a special container to collect and recycle ALL plastics, including plastic film and bags plus broken plastic parts.

E-cycle: When electronics components and printer cartridges reach the end of their usable life, we take them to E-Tech Recycling – a responsible, nationally recognized and ISO-certified recycler that has a local office in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Green Office Setting: We use durable dishware, glasses and cutlery in our office kitchen. Composting is practiced every lunch and snack break, with a collection bin that the owner herself takes home every week. We choose to drink tap water instead of bottled water. Our Shaklee cleaning products are environmentally certified.

When outfitting our office, we used recycled paint from on the walls. Furniture is Most of our furniture is gently-used furniture acquired from Craigslist and re-purposed it to create a welcoming and functional setting. When we decommission furnishings, we post them on the Portland Freecycle list. The building where we are located employs an HVAC system that siphons hot air away from the data rooms to heat human-inhabited office spaces.

Transportation TelecommutingTransportation & Telecommuting

Staff and visitors are encouraged to arrive at our office using alternative transportation. Employees are offered subsidies for carpooling and/or using public transportation. Indoor bike racks are available.

Verbio employs distributed telecommunications systems that enable and encourage employees to telecommute. We can be reached seamlessly by email or phone, even when we are not physically in the office.


For our visitors:
If you wish to visit us we invite you to arrive in stress-free style on the MAX, bus, or WES. TriMet’s Map Trip Planner makes it easy to plan trips that combine transit and biking. Need to plan your trip to our office? Go by bus, train or bike (or all three).


Our location:

Verbio, 12655 SW Center St Suite 520, Beaverton, OR 97005