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Human Resources today is a multi-dimensional, diverse environment. Engaging, training, and communicating with your people internally and globally is a fundamental platform for sustaining organizational effectiveness. Verbio compliments your business diversity goals and global communications in the languages of your recruits, employees and colleagues.

Human Resources challenges with a diverse or global workforce:

  • Diversity training and cultural consulting
  • Confidential benefits meetings or employee performance reviews
  • Communicating company policies and standard operating procedures
  • Bilingual employee training sessions and materials
  • Assurances that your confidential data will remain protected at all stages
  • Policies and procedures and training documentation translation
  • Dispute settlement and disciplinary action language assistance

Verbio is your solution for Human Resources language needs:

  • Diversity training and cultural consulting
  • Certified translators and interpreters for 200 languages
  • Interpreters for confidential meetings: schedule on-site interpreters or use our 24/7 telephone hotline
  • ASL interpreters: video remote interpreters or in-person interpreters
  • On-site interpreters for employee benefits meetings or training sessions
  • Translate legal and human resources documents or employee relocation forms
  • Translate corporate communications: employee handbooks, newsletters, meeting minutes
  • Multilingual company policies, standard operating procedures
  • Secure data transfer and storage; not cloud-based IT
  • Train your global workforce in their own language using eLearning modules or videos

GDPRCompliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and employment laws requires you to protect personally identifiable information (PII). It is critically important that translators and interpreters working with your sensitive data are trained and screened. Verbio offers secure data management and trusted confidentiality. Verbio’s language professionals are experienced and bound by strict confidentiality requirements.


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