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Interpreting for Conventions and Conversations, On-site and Remote

It is vital to convey your spoken message accurately during business meetings, conferences, employee trainings, and in hospitals and courtrooms. Verbio’s experienced, certified interpreters provide premium language support for your conversations in any language. Our professional interpreters are trained in ethics, confidentiality, and specialized terminology.

Do you need a solution for these challenges?

  • I participate in meetings with someone who doesn’t speak English well. Sometimes it’s hard for us to communicate because of the language barriers.
  • I often need an interpreter in a hurry and can’t wait for someone to arrive in-person.
  • There aren’t any interpreters in my area to help with the language I need.
  • I meet with people (clients, patients, employees) under confidential circumstances. I don’t have a bilingual co-worker to available to help, or it would be improper to ask a co-worker to interpret.
  • I am legally obligated to provide an interpreter (ADA or Title VI compliance).

Verbio has the solution!

  • Simultaneous interpreters for trainings, conventions, and factory tours. Simultaneous interpreters speak at the same time as the primary lecturer or presenter, while audience members listen using portable headsets or on a parallel audio channel in your video-conference. This allows your audience to listen simultaneously in their own language(s) and keeps your meeting on schedule. Interpreters can be scheduled in advance and added to your Zoom meetings -or- they can provide on-site services at your meeting location. Verbio also rents out interpreter booths, microphones, transmitters, and wireless headsets for your event.


  • Consecutive interpreters are best for small or interactive meetings, such as two-way conversations. Certified interpreters make business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and legal proceedings more efficient and accurate.
  • Telephone Interpreting Hotline, available 24/7. Connect to Interpreters for 200 languages when and where you need them. Use conference calling functionality to access Verbio’s hotline and add an interpreter to your phone call within 20 seconds.
  • VRI Gateway app specifically for video-conferencing with live interpreters. Accessible from tablets, laptops and phones; this app is great for accommodating Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing customers, as well as spoken languages. Like having a personal interpreter in your pocket or satchel providing confidential, live communication with your clients. For settings like medical clinics or house calls: pre-install Verbio’s VRI Gateway App on your clinic’s tablet or computer with a webcam and microphone. When a patient needs language assistance, launch the app and select from a list of 50 languages (including American Sign Language). Within a minute, a trained medical interpreter will appear on screen. Adjust your monitor so everyone can see and continue your video chat conversation. This platform is fully compliant with HIPAA and FERPA privacy regulations.
  • Live Captioning in Real Time (CART) makes a great accessibility addition for your meetings. We can also offer Picture-in-Picture interpreters for American Sign Language.


Video conference
Add an interpreter to your webinar: Verbio has traditionally offered onsite interpreters to facilitate face-to-face communications. In this new scenario of social distancing, many organizations are now conducting meetings via platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, or Webex. Verbio’s interpreters can be scheduled to join your chat or webinar and help broadcast your message to a diverse audience.
Skype for Business
Microsoft Teams
Cisco Webex
Phone Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting Hotline

Get instant access to interpreters in 200 languages, available 24/7.


Remote interpreters help you speak with business associates in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our interpreters are a brief moment away, ready to support your confidential calls.

The Telephone Interpreting Hotline works best when your Limited-English Speaker (LES) is already on the phone with you. By using interpreting over the phone, you can include an interpreter in your conversation within 20 seconds. (Or, if you dial the Verbio hotline first, our Operator can add your LES to the conference call for you.) You do need to subscribe to this service to obtain an account code.

Video Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting App

Limited interpreters in your area?

Verbio offers a Video Interpreting App that allows immediate access to a global interpreting network for business negotiations, team meetings, customer support, or any other situation in which language barriers impede communication. It is complete with audio and video capabilities in 50 languages. The app works great for ASL interpreting because the Deaf person and the interpreter can communicate using visuals and text. Just log into the app from your tablet or computer to begin. You will be able to add them to your conversation within 20 seconds. You do need to subscribe to this service to obtain an account login for the app.

VRI Gateawy

Connect with qualified interpreters in seconds.

VRI Gateway was designed with ease-of-use in mind.
Simply download the VRI Gateway app — available on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices with MacOS or Windows operating systems — and follow three easy steps:

  • Log into your VRI Gateway App account.
  • Choose a Language.
  • Click “Video Call Now”.
Interactive Meetings

Small or Interactive Meetings

Consecutive Interpreting is when the speaker and the interpreter(s) take turns, sentence by sentence.

Available for in-person and virtual meetings on most video conferencing platforms, this mode works best for small or interactive meetings, such as two-way conversations. Certified interpreters make business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and legal proceedings more efficient and accurate.

Verbio offers interpreters that have completed rigorous training such as Certified Court Interpreters or Certified Medical Interpreters. Professional interpreting is hard work, so Consecutive Interpreters work in pairs when meetings are planned 4+ hours.

Video Interpreting

Large Meetings, Webinars, or Trainings

Simultaneous Interpreting is when the interpreter relays the message at the same pace as the speaker.

This mode is best for large meetings such as training sessions, conventions, and tours — especially when on a schedule. Zoom video conferences have an optional add-on to facilitate remote simultaneous interpreting. Verbio offers specialty equipment rentals including interpreter booths, microphones, transmitters, and wireless headsets for use at your location. This allows your audience to listen simultaneously in their own language(s). Simultaneous Interpreters work in pairs when meetings are 2+ hours.



Professional Translation services for all of your business needs. Translation, Editing, Proofreading, and more.

Video Remote Interpreting

Add interpreters to your phone calls and video chats. Connect with interpreters in seconds, from any location, for maximum convenience and cost effectiveness.


Translate eLearning tools to maximize the value of your training assets. Verbio supports all major LMS platforms and software including Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate.