Conference Interpreting and Meetings

You need to convey your spoken message accurately during business meetings, conferences, employee trainings, and in hospitals and courtrooms. Verbio’s experienced, certified interpreters provide premium language support for your conversations in any language. Our professional interpreters are trained in ethics, confidentiality, and specialized terminology.

Verbio’s On-site Interpreters

Small or interactive meeting? Verbio provides a Consecutive Interpreter at your location. In consecutive mode, the speaker pauses between sentences to allow the interpreter time to render his words in the other language. The interpreter can facilitate two-way conversations so everyone can participate. Certified interpreters make business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and legal proceedings more efficient and accurate. Verbio offers interpreters that have completed rigorous training as Certified Court Interpreters or Certified Medical Interpreters. Professional interpreting is hard work, so Consecutive Interpreters work in pairs when meetings are planned to last longer than 4 hours.

Large meeting or training? Verbio provides a Simultaneous Interpreter at your location. In simultaneous mode, the interpreter speaks at the same pace as the main speaker. Conference interpreters serve international audiences at events of any size. Simultaneous interpretation keeps your meeting on schedule and on topic. These interpreters are equipped for training sessions, conventions, factory tours, and other large events. Verbio offers specialty equipment rental including interpreter booths, microphones, transmitters, and wireless headsets. This allows your audience to listen simultaneously in their own language(s), thereby ensuring the success of your message. Simultaneous Interpreters work in pairs when meetings last longer than 2 hours.


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