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Multilingual Services in 250 Languages:

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Translation and Localization

Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Somali… Verbio helps you in ANY language. Our team includes native-speaker translators, voice talent, graphic designers, audio video engineers, and localization experts. Verbio helps you communicate with diverse groups (migrants, minority cultures, visually or hearing impaired, etc.) within your own community, plus international trade partners around the world. Market research repeatedly shows that customers are 75% more likely to purchase your products when information is available in their native language. Whether your customer is the immigrant family down the street or a corporate buyer halfway around the world, Verbio gives you the right words in the right language.


If you have written words (documents or website/apps) that need to be in a different language, start by gathering these basic answers:

  1. Which language do you need services for? What language is the document currently written in (source language)? What language(s) do you wish for it to be in (target languages)?
  2. Translation quotes are based on the number of words and/or pages in your document.
  3. File format: what type of file do you have today? What would you want us to return to you?
  4. The document itself, an editable file type is best. Graphic design elements, legibility, or technical vocabulary are important factors that Verbio Project Managers can readily identify and discuss with you upon simply viewing your document.
  5. What is your ideal timeline?


Professional Translation services for all of your business needs. Translation, Editing, Proofreading, and more.

Marketing Translation and Transcreation

Branding, identity, and creative copy translation for marketing and creative professionals.


Translation for apps, websites, games, and more working directly with your code.

Audio and Video for a Global Audience

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then audio and video are worth millions! We live in a video-centric world where ideas are shared at 30 frames per second. Converting your existing assets into new languages is an affordable way to vastly extend your market reach. Trainees also absorb your lessons better when eLearning modules are presented in their native language(s), whether that is ASL, Spanish, or any other spoken language.


Here are some key questions we’ll ask to help you get started:

  1. What type of materials do you have today? Video, audio, or written script?
  2. What deliverable will you want? Written transcript, subtitles, voice recording, dubbing, sign language, live captioning, embedded sound track, motion graphics?
  3. Which language do you need services for? What language are we starting with? What languages do you want the product to end up in?
  4. Do you have a written script? How many words?
  5. Target audience: What demographics do you know about the people who will watch/listen? Especially if this is for television or radio, where will this be broadcast?

Multilingual Audio Recording and Engineering

Voice-over, dubbing, radio, YouTube, voice prompts, on-hold messaging… Verbio records broadcast-ready quality with voice talent in over one hundred languages.

Video and Motion Graphics

Video one-stop shopping: subtitling, open and closed captioning, on-screen text and lower third editing, on-site language consulting, and motion graphics.


Transcription of any audio or video source with options to provide time-codes and even translate audio from one language to another.


Translate eLearning tools to maximize the value of your training assets. Verbio supports all major LMS platforms and software including Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate.


Interpreting is the most effective way to communicate directly in a live conversation or presentation. Verbio Interpreters support conferences, trainings, webinars, and meetings at your location or using your choice of video conferencing platform. Verbio also offers a 24/7 on-demand, telephone interpreting hotline and our own Video Remote Interpreting platform that we dubbed “Interpreter in your pocket.” Interpreters are available for 250 spoken languages and American Sign Language. Verbio also offers live captioning (CART) to serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.


If you are planning an event in multiple languages, start by gathering these answers:

  1. Which languages do you need to support? What language does your speaker or presenter speak? What language does your audience/client best understand?
  2. Where is the event? – Will you meet in a physical location (conference center, factory, meeting room, etc.), using a video conferencing platform (which platform?), a telephone call? Please be as descriptive as possible.
  3. When is the event? – Do you know the date and times of your meeting?
  4. Describe your event – Will the event be a small gathering or a one-on-one meeting where the conversation allows for pauses to interpret? Or perhaps the style of your event will be more of a lecture/presentation?

Interpreting on-site

In-person interpreting wherever you need us. Consecutive interpreters for small group meetings and simultaneous interpreters for your next conference. Equipment rentals of wireless receivers and interpreting booths.
Phone Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting and Video Chat

Add interpreters to your phone calls and video chats. Connect with interpreters in seconds, from any location, for maximum convenience and cost effectiveness.

Cultural Consulting

Verbio’s international experts bring decades of cultural insights to your multi-cultural or multi-language marketing campaign, outreach program, plus export and international trade consulting.


Here are some key questions we’ll ask to help you get started:

  1. What country or culture are you hoping to reach?
  2. Which language do you need services for? What language are we starting with? What languages do you want the product to end up in?
  3. What services and assets apply to your situation? Website, marketing brochures, escort interpreter, a drip campaign in social media, product packaging, a sales presentation, etc.
  4. Topic or Industry: Knowing the subject matter is pertinent to the success of choosing the right experts.
  5. Target audience: What demographics do you know about the people who will watch/listen? We will ask questions about: dialect, reader’s education level, and terminology preferences. Such information helps us adapt our services to resonate with your audience.
Trade Consulting

International Trade Consulting

International regulatory compliance for Import and export, ITAR/EAR, international labeling requirements and globalization preparation.


Cultural Consulting

We directly assist you in Research, Strategy, implementation and Feedback for your project, plan, program or campaign to help you reach your cultural, language or diversity goals.
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