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Legal translation and court-certified interpreting are essential when negotiating international trade deals or when court cases involve parties that speak several languages. At Verbio, we know our clients demand much more than translation to engage and support their global trade strategies and litigation. Our team of certified legal translators, court interpreters, and project managers provide confidential and culturally appropriate language support and certified translations.

In what ways does legal document translation differ from other translations?

Legal document translation refers to translating legal materials from one language into another, preserving their original meaning and preparing them for use in a legal setting. In this process, it is often necessary to work with translators who are legal specialists who have a thorough knowledge of the laws of their country.

Verbio offers foreign language and media services that ensure your compliance and best practices, including protections for your confidential data at all stages of transfer and storage, as well as training modules for Privacy (GDPR) and Export compliance.


Your challenge:

Verbio is your solution:

  • Parties or witnesses that don’t speak the local language
  • Government requirements to provide language access
  • Maintaining confidential communications with or about clients
  • Foreign documents, contracts, or patents
  • International trade negotiations
  • Maintaining data confidentiality at all stages
  • Professional, legal translators and interpreters for 200 languages
  • Certified court interpreters for spoken languages and ASL
  • Telephone and video interpreting hotlines available 24/7
  • Transcribe and translate court hearings and depositions
  • Translate foreign documents, contracts, or patents
  • Specialists in legal terminology: corporate law, family law, IP, insurance
  • Technology tools to ensure consistent terminology and version control
  • Secure data transfer and storage; not cloud-based IT




General Data Protection RegulationCompliance with privacy laws requires you to protect personally identifiable information (PII). It is critically important that translators and interpreters working with your sensitive data are trained and screened. Verbio offers secure data management and trusted confidentiality. Verbio’s language professionals are experienced and bound by strict confidentiality requirements.




Oregon Office of Administrative Hearings, Oregon Judicial Department: Division of Child Support, Ater Wynne, Wyse Kadish, Robin Balsam Law

Most requested legal document translation services

  • Translate written contracts
  • Translate Hearing Orders
  • Translate child support hearing orders (Exclusive provider for Oregon Child Support System)
  • Certified translation of documentary evidence
  • Legal transcription + translation of audio-video evidence
  • Patent Translation
  • Translation of wills and other probate documents
  • Contract Litigation
Certified Translation

Certified Translation of Personal Documents

Can you provide a certified translation?

Yes! We translate hundreds of personal documents each year. We offer certified translations that are notarized by a Notary Public to satisfy requirements of many employers, universities, and government agencies. Our Certificate of Accuracy is printed on company letterhead, identifies Verbio as a professional translation firm, attests that the translator is a professional translator for the stated language combination, and that the translation is a true and accurate rendering of the original document. This Translator’s Certificate of Accuracy is attached to a print-out of the translation on company letterhead and a copy of the original document you provided to us. This statement is signed by a company representative and a notary; optionally it is stamped  according to rules for certain jurisdictions. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to tell Verbio if you need a certificate of accuracy and the particular rules for the institution where you are submitting your documents. Our certified translations are commonly accepted by:

  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Passport applications or renewals from the U.S. State Department
  • Consulate of Spain (Verbio satisfies special credential requirements for traductores jurados)
  • Consulate of France (Verbio satisfies special credential requirements for traducteurs agréés)
  • Departments of Motor Vehicles
  • Doctor’s offices or health insurance companies for medical records
  • University admissions offices and Medical Boards, Nursing Boards, Board of Pharmacy, etc. (we translate your transcript, then refer you to a qualified firm that performs equivalency assessments, if needed)
  • Court rulings, such as judgments of divorce and child support orders
  • Financial records for banks or mortgage lenders

We know the process of translating documents for the above offices can be challenging, so we wrote answers to many frequently asked questions to help you out.


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