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Localization for Web & Apps

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Localization Engineering

If your project involves a translated user interface, it also requires localization engineering. Many companies have built their branded message to reach the target audience, and it’s time to expand in the global markets. In the endeavor of developing successful mobile apps, web apps, eLearning modules, games, software, and websites, programming codes must be engineered properly to work with the languages you need.

Verbio helps you avoid common pitfalls such as incorrect button sizes for longer translated text, incoherent text strings, issues with text that reads right to left, or even both directions (just to name a few). We also offer graphic design and formatting services, pulling everything together into a single, localized interface.

Solving these issues opens the door to new markets, and is known to increase ease of access to your products and services. Verbio is here for you, to help make sure that your designs are not just available, but managed with customer satisfaction in mind.

Global Localization

Localization QA Testing

Quality Assurance Testing is a key step in developing any application or website. All relevant text, links and graphics should be fully tested for proper functionality in the translated language. Verbio prioritizes quality held to high industry standards with every project. Contact us today to quote professional localization testing for your app, eLearning tool, game, software or website in any language using native speakers. With detail-oriented, friendly and knowledgeable staff, we assist you in your launch to leave your clients with an outstanding impression.

We begin each quality assurance test with preliminary questions targeted specifically to your needs. Our testing includes a clear list of issues and recommended solutions for bugs related to language and culture. We work closely with you to make sure your project is optimized in the translated languages and ready for market. Gain insight from our dedicated team of Project Managers and Localization specialists. The language and culture-based materials must pass several rounds of specialized tests before final approval by your team. We are here to help you navigate with a keen attention to detail, media type, audience and branding. With our quality staff, we make sure that your translated app, game, website or module is professional, functional, and leaves your clientele with an outstanding impression. We are eager to assist you with exceeding care from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.