Multicultural Campaigns
for Marketing Teams


Multicultural Campaigns
for Marketing Teams

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Design multicultural marketing campaigns to connect with your global audience

Ready to expand your marketing efforts to new multicultural or international audiences? You have cultivated expertise as an established marketing firm driving campaigns toward English-speaking audiences. Yet, 75% of the world does not know English at all. An additional 20% of people does not consider English their first language. Leading market research studies repeatedly show that your potential customers are 75% more likely to buy when you connect with them in their native languages.

Creative marketing campaigns rely on a deep understanding of the target audience. This means elevating your multicultural marketing assets to take stock of different perceptions of wordplay, subtext, symbolism, font choice, colors, music, and visuals. At Verbio, we don’t talk about simply transferring the dictionary definition of words, we shift the paradigm and convey the meaning.

Verbio’s marketing and transcreation team engages beyond translation. Verbio collaborates with stakeholders representing brand and advertising or marketing agencies or teams to explore all the subtleties of your message and build consensus and vision for your targeted market. We apply our innovative creativity, imagination and skills to develop concepts that align with the original intent of your multicultural campaign. This highly intuitive and cooperative process results in a Transcreation Brief: A concept map analyzing the wording, colors, imagery, music, symbols and other aspects to craft a culturally relevant campaign for your specific project goals.

Once all stakeholders agree on the vision and direction, Verbio creates the cultural and/or foreign language assets defined in the Transcreation Brief. Assets can encompass marketing copy for informational pamphlets, graphics for billboards, recordings for radio spots, new taglines, or witty character names. Finally, Verbio and the brand stakeholders review, tweak and fine-tune the final product to reach consensus around a deliverable that meets our exacting standards and resonates with your new audience and market. Learn more about Verbio’s Transcreation services. Request a sample of our Transcreation Briefs.

Verbio is your solution to reach global markets:

  • Advertising and campaigns
  • Brand messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Taglines
  • Digital media
  • Radio and TV spots
  • Websites
  • Product packaging
  • Market research surveys
  • Tradeshow materials and brochures

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