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“Verbio’s personal commitment was outstanding; they exceeded our expectations!”
Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“We love Verbio! Romanian, Chinese, Hindi…they can do it all!”
Pink Martini

Pink Martini Reviews by Verbio's customers

“Verbio has been a reliable service for all our translation needs. We highly recommend their accuracy and dependability.”
Gigapan Systems

GigaPan - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“Verbio is a tremendous resource for our company. We won’t go anywhere else! Quick response, accurate translations, and friendly staff all packaged into one superior service. Thanks for exceeding our expectations!”
Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pendleton Woolen Mills Review

“Verbio has been a dependable partner for my translation needs for many years. Once the documents are in their hands, I am confident that the product will be returned on time and accurately translated. The project management team is exemplary.”

MicroMentor, Mercy Corps Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

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“We’ve been working with Verbio for a couple of years for our translation needs. They are a fantastic partner. As a company that prides ourselves on customer service, it is wonderful to have a vendor that sets such a high bar for service. Ben and Chelsea are responsive, helpful and clearly communicate costs and options for what we need. They’ve taken the time to get to know us and our voice. Whatever we need is always handled expertly, no matter how big or small the job is and even on short notice.”
New Seasons Market

New Seasons Market Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“We were originally attracted to Verbio’s commitment to green practices. Now, we have been won over by Verbio’s extremely high quality language work and the team’s flexibility in accommodating to our expanding language needs and requirements. We have been extremely impressed by this team’s versatility and professionalism in regard to translation, audiovisual work, and software localization. They exceeded our expectations for target delivery deadlines!!”
Fisker Automotive

Fisker Automotive Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“Verbio’s one-stop-shopping approach to translation, transcreation and production paired with their professionalism and attention to detail make them our trusted language partner. Their work with us on projects ranging from web copy to radio commercials adds extra value due to their dedication to finding the right solutions and the appropriate approaches to the nuances of language. The Verbio team is knowledgable, personable and reliable–in short, we highly recommend them.”
Brink Communications

Brink Communications Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“During the last five years or so, I have repeatedly used Verbio to translate employee surveys into Spanish, Russian and Traditional Chinese for our 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon, a critical project at our company. Verbio consistently provides attentive service, clear communications and professionally translated files on time and properly formatted. As a locally based small company, they provide a personable, highly responsive customer experience and their rates have been quite reasonable. I’d definitely recommend their services to other companies in need of translation.”
Oregon Business Magazine

Oregon Business Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“This sign was an attempt by the ODFW to reach out to Oregon’s diverse community and to bridge a communication barrier that was causing sticky legal situations for the ODFW and the Oregon State Police. Verbio demonstrated its knowledge about language issues and its experience with graphic design. We never expected to have a translation vendor draw custom artwork for us! This sign is beautiful and will set a high standard for future efforts by the ODFW to publish information in foreign languages.”
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon Fish & Wildlife Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

“We have used Verbio for projects with a variety of our high-profile clients, and have always received excellent service and very, very high quality translations exactly when promised. In our business – providing automotive training for large auto manufacturers – every technical word and term matters. Verbio made sure that our translators were not only native speakers in the target country, but also people with significant industry experience. This attention to detail really helps us stand out from our competitors, and we appreciate the partnership! I would recommend Verbio to any business looking for superior translation and project management services.”
Pro-Active Learning, Inc.

Pro-Active Learning Review - Reviews by Verbio's customers

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