Transcribe Audio Video Media

Whether your English recording needs to be transcribed or you have a foreign language video that you need to understand in English, transcription is a valuable tool for multimedia projects. Transcription is useful for a number of reasons, such as SEO, user experience, accessibility, and so much more. The dynamic world of video marketing caused transcription to become increasingly relevant to the average customer. Transcripts can be used to generate subtitles and to translate audio scripts.  Verbio offers a variety of options to fulfill your needs:

Multilingual Transcription

English Transcription

Multilingual Translication

Audio-Video Transcription

Verbio offers services to transcribe an English recording to a written English format. Examples might include a voice memo, a marketing video that you wish to subtitle, or a “Zoom session” for which you want written meeting minutes.

Verbio can transcribe media recorded in another language,  followed by translating this script into English. This process should result in the same script written in two languages. This type of transcription is useful for court cases, when attorneys desire an accurate written record with evidentiary proof. Verbio also offers an option called Translication: the transcriptionist listens to the recording in one language, translates in her head, and writes down the script in another language. That option can be useful for informal meeting minutes and marketing materials. Contact us today for affordable, accurate multilingual translication.

Verbio transcribes any audio or video media, training materials, and even handwritten source text in many languages.


Verbatim – Every utterance is captured including “um”, “uh”, and non-verbal elements such as [laughs].

Smooth Verbatim – We adhere to your specific instructions of what should and shouldn’t be captured.

Grammar Correction – Grammar, slang, false starts, and verbal tics are all corrected.

Time Coding – Precise time codes can be provided for every spoken phrase.

Summary – Useful if you have a lot of source audio and just need a rough idea of what is said.

SRT – Output the transcribed script with optional time codes using the popular SRT file format.

WebVTT – Output the transcribed script with optional time codes and specialized HTML5 styling, for use on the web.