Transcription of Audio Video Media

Whether your English recording needs to be transcribed or you have a foreign language video that you need to understand in English, transcription is a valuable tool for multimedia projects. Transcription is useful for a number of reasons, such as SEO, user experience, accessibility, and so much more. In this technological world we live in, transcription has become increasingly relevant to the average customer. We offer a variety of options to fulfill your needs:

Multilingual Transcription

English Transcription

Multilingual Transcription

Audio-Video Transcription

We offer English transcription for any audio or video, as well as for other forms of media.

Transcribe from any language into English, or vice versa. Contact us today for affordable, accurate multilingual transcription.

We transcribe for any audio, video or even hand-written source in any language.


Verbatim – Every utterance is captured including “um”, “uh”, and non-verbal elements such as [laughs].

Smooth Verbatim – We adhere to your specific instructions of what should and shouldn’t be captured.

Grammar Correction – Grammar, slang, false starts, and verbal tics are all corrected.

Time Coding – Precise time codes can be provided for every spoken phrase.

Summary – Useful if you have a lot of source audio and just need a rough idea of what is said.

SRT – Output the transcribed script with optional time codes using the popular SRT file format.

WebVTT – Output the transcribed script with optional time codes and specialized HTML5 styling, for use on the web.